We all love our guitars, some of us have had our guitars for many years and regard them as old friends. Others have spent a lot of time and money to get
their guitars to ultimately look, feel and play to suit their specific needs. Regardless, these instruments are very special and personal to many musicians.
Now imagine, your prized possession is suddenly gone! ... without a trace .... and you get that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you finally
realize (after a few choice x@!!*#! words"), that "It's Gone !!", "It's been STOLEN !!!".

Well, unfortunately, this happens thousands of times a year -- all over the world -- and our goal is to make the thieves very uncomfortable when they try to
sell their stolen loot.

When you register your guitar/amp with us we will post your provided photo and instrument description on this
website. If you inform us that the worse has happened, that it's been stolen, we will mark it as stolen until
it's found. If someone has spotted the instrument we can be contacted through this website and we will
pass the information on to you.

Also, if you buy an instrument through a private sale, such as eBay or a face-to-face transaction,
check this website first to make sure it's clean. You don't want to be part of that problem.

This website is also a resource checkpoint for law enforcement,insurance companies, pawn
shops and music stores since they take in multiple guitars/amps every week.

We also pride ourselves in being the most complete and largest international directory for 
guitar and amplifier builders THE WORLD OVER. A registration page has been created
for each builder, including a link to their website (if available), and we are constantly
adding new builders.

So feel free to explore the variety of guitar and amplifier builder's -- many of which
we're sure you never even knew existed. And thank you for visiting us.

We Love Guitars . . . . . . .  And We Despise Guitar Thieves!